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Miniature Bull Terrier Group - Breeders

The Miniature Bull Terrier Group in conjunction with the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America attempts to provide the most current and up to date information to prospective Miniature Bull Terrier owners as well as current owners. This page is intended to provide links to information on health concerns in the breed and the tests that reputable breeders do to screen for these concerns.

In a Miniature Bull Terrier the PLL clear status is the most important test to request. Research PLL and understand this sad disease. Check documentation. Also tests for Heart, Kidney Patella & Hearing (Behr) assure you of a quality, happy & healthy puppy.

Thunderally Bull Terriers
Thunderally Perm Reg
Carol Gray and Gord Williams
Ontario, Canada

Puppies occasionally available to Show and Pet homes. Frozen Semen available from Successful Championship Lines.

AxelBelle Bullies
Karolina Prokupek
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Jewels Miniature Bull Terriers
"Diamonds in the Ruff"

Mike & Julie Muchnick
Thornton, Ontario

Nimrod Miniature Bull Terriers
Wendy Hoare & Ed White
London Ontario
519 476 0474

Puppies Occasionally.


Amarantine Bull Terriers
(Standard and Miniature}
Andrea McEwen
Carlyle, Saskatchewan

Puppies Available
Male Brindle with White Markings


Adorabull Bull Terriers
Miniature Bull Terriers
Kelly Morris


(Kaya) CH Clear Soul Bull El Bonito from Adorabull

Norena Seery
Professional Handler & Trainer
 Handling Classes at Dog Ranch Inc,

North Gower, ON


The MBTG encourages anyone looking for a reputable breeder to ask questions. Serious folks ask serious questions about health concerns. Always talk with several breeders. Request to visit kennels, meet parents and evaluate temperament. There are many puppy mills & puppy brokers that advertise. Feel free to check references with any of the breeders on this list�. do not rely on references supplied by breeders unless you can visit their dog. The following is a list of MBTG Breeders that are always there to help you. This list is updated on an as required basis. This list in no way implies any guarantee or responsibility of the MBTG beyond that of the listed breeder. This list is not intended to recommend any listed breeder over another. Purchasing a puppy is like adding to your family and in many cases you are joining the family of Miniature Bull Terriers placed by that breeder.

In most cases puppies purchased from the breeders on this page become part of the MBTG family and are see at activities and events facilitated by the club. So do your research, ask questions and choose a knowledgeable breeder that will always be there for you when you need help. Stay in touch thru this website and above all, be welcome as a guest at any MBTG meeting or event.

Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America

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